The conference was held with Church leaders, academics, and community members who are engaged in the business sector in Sodo city.

The conference started with Mr. Bereket Tassew; the executive director general of TDA; giving an explanation about the purpose of the meeting and highlighting some of the activities performed by the association so far.

 According to the director's explanation, the aim of the consultation conference was to magnify the responsibility of the Church, in addition to regular evangelism, to bring about social change for the mental and physical needs of community development through the cooperation of believers in the holistic development of human beings.

 To this end, an awareness and consultation conference was held in which every part of the community strives to contribute, and Wayne Johnson, the CEO of Tearfund Canada, shared with the participants the Canadian experience and the support given to the association through his organization so far;

In the assembly, the Association's resource mobilization Manager, Mr. Altaye Ayele, explained the importance of mobilizing the community and organizing the members. In addition, engineer Mehretu Yosef presented the extensive development activities that the association intends to carry out in the next five years by mobilizing resources from members.

 Among the main activities that are expected to be done with the collected resources and which were explained to the conference are strongly supporting the Great Commission, supporting vulnerable children, and educational development.

 Finally, the participants pledged to become members of the development association and contribute to the goals by paying a membership fee of 10,000 to 2,500 Birr per year in addition to their knowledge and energy.

 Serving the whole person!