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TDA going to conduct agricultural initiatives via clustering approach

Terepeza Development Association has changed the lives of many people in the field of sustainable livelihood, particularly in soil and water conservation, watershed and mountain development,

adaptation of modern agricultural methods resistant to climate change, such as Conservation Agriculture and sustainable organic agriculture in the Wolaita zone, small irrigation construction and maintenance, and increasing value through market linkage, over the past 20 years.

Discussion participantsTDA had a brainstorming session with all of the association's workers today; 11th of April, 2023 to set up an extension system that will increase the productivity of our farmers by employing resources more effectively and efficiently than previously.

During the discussion, agricultural experts with many years of experience in the field researched the types of crops and vegetables that can be effective according to the climate of the area and shared the experimental results that it is possible to do effective work by using cluster farming on a large scale.

In addition to the agricultural sector, it is known that the general assembly of the association announced multifaceted development initiatives for the 2023 fiscal year by mobilizing the Church and its congregation at a cost of more than 200 million birr in order to carry out development works in our area as much as possible in other areas of focus.  

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