Terepeza Development Association in coalition with Send a Cow, devised and is promoting the conservation agriculture (known by minimum tillage, soil cover & crop diversification) to ensure

sustainable production of local crops, value addition & marketing of local crops so that smallholder farmers get incentivized from markets and then protect the crops, and System Change; lobbying the institutional/policy support so that the local crops are promoted and protected.

Results so far:

1. Over 5,000 smallholder farmers (51% women) have been trained on conservation agriculture and are growing diverse local crops in sustainable manner, hence achieving diversified and improved food security, and improved biodiversity



2. Over 80 agribusiness established and trained.....engaged in value addition and marketing of local crops...achieving increased group and household income...making assets





3. Eight school biodiversity clubs established and engaged in promotion and protection of local crops; 8 government FTCs bought in the CSA approach, established learning/demo plots, integrating local crops, and strategic guideline developed to support the extension system etc.

The project is being implemented in 20 kebeles of Boloso Sore, Kindo Koysha, Duguna Fango and Damot Pulasa Districts (5 kebeles in each). We thank the RESET +Innovation Fund 4 Resilience program Donor: EU and CORDAID, and Sustainable Fair for promotional work so far!

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