Knowledge exchange session held at the farmers' fields in Kembata Tambaro zone Hadaro district Hachacho Kebele Inter Aid France - Highland Livelihoods Development Project.

The knowledge exchange session was organized by the TDA-SCASI project. 

In the session, Boloso Sore and Boloso Bombe districts heads of the agriculture office, religious leaders, and a group from Wolaita zonal agriculture office have participated. In addition, development agents and kebele leaders from the areas where the project is under implementation also attended.   

The annual learning exchange focused on integrating the existing conservation agriculture with various fodder grass species and other cover crops/plants that improve soil fertility and prevent erosion to solve the problem of lack of mulching materials /cover plants and foliage that regularly arise in conservation agriculture farming.

Integrating this system with the existing CA farming, apart from solving the problem of cover plants in the dry seasons, farmers can also produce enough animal feed in their fields to get better results from their animals which could sustain CA.

The participants from both districts said that "they were very happy with the work they saw and that when they return to their areas, they will teach the farmers how to combine animal feed with the already practicing CA farming through the SCASI project”.

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